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Germain Aubert

MGSX founder.

More about me...

Not so much to say about myself here except to tell you more about my contributions to the community :

If you’re interested about my skills, below an overview of technologies and fields I worked on or I’m working on right now :

  • General developement

    • Website developement : java, ruby, html5
    • Mobile development : Android
    • Industrialization : maven, gradle, docker, jenkins
  • Game programming and digital art

    • LibGDX, Puredata, Processing, OpenGL/GLSL

If you need some of these skills, want to hire me for cool projects, please feel free to contact me.

Bérenger Recoules

Teacher / developer (front and audio)

More about me...

I am a self instructed developer, and full time teacher @lecolededesign.

I work in the artistic field of computer science : I love procedural generation of graphics and audio, I love to play with data representation, physical simulation and music.

Most of my work is published on github and my website will help you find most of the ressources I wrote and projects I made.

Working with MGSX we did some awesome projects I couldn’t have lifted off all by myself, check them out :

  • PPP : A framework helping to create android apps from pure-data patches and connect them with a wifi sharable clock.
  • rainstick : A rainstick app for android

I mainly work with PureData, Processing and P5js.