GameTools is a set of ruby libraries to help in games developpement process.

Software developpement has already a lot of good build tools such as Gradle, Maven, Ant and game tools purpose is not to offer a new build tools at all.

Game developpement differ from generic software developpement for two reasons :

  • Games is made of a lot of assets (graphics, 3D models, logic maps, sounds)
  • Game team is generally splited : programmers and designers
  • Game require hard optimizations (specially on the assets)

The goal of this tool chain is to provide the same features as generic build tools for game assets, that is :

  • Build process automation
  • Conversion / Export tools
  • Code Integration

Game Tools focus on opensource integration and support already a lot of components :

  • opensource softwares : Blender, Tiled, Freemind, Inkscape and Gimp.
  • opensource framework : Lib GDX including Box2D

Game tools includes custom tools :

  • RMake : the main toolchain automation process.