What is MGSX stand for ?

To be honest, there is no really meaning of it and it could change over the time. For now it could be something inspired by 4X games “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate”. More precisely :

  • Make : It’s all about creation, see releases and work in progress sections.
  • Give - to everybody for free without compensation, see all of our open source project hosted on github/bitbucket.
  • Share eXperience - because we don’t want to keep our knowledge for ourself, see the tutorials section.

Is it really all free and all opened ?

Mostly yes. However, as a freelance team we need to earn money for living. That’s why we provide few commercial products and provide services for company.

Few project are not open source, particulary some games because sources contains critical information we need to hide from players. It would kill the game if it was publicly accessible.

In which fields ?

MGSX focus on software developpement including game publishing, digital art project and general software.

Beyond the commercial products, the major work is provided freely as opensource components including libraries, developper tools and trainings.

With great experience in software engineering we also offer consulting, developement and performance services. Please feel free to contact us for your needs.</p>

How it started ?

At the origin it was my blog and a showcase of my works mostly to catch some project to work on. And it also gradually became a good place to start a sharing network in some way. It still young and doesn’t claim to revolutionize things.

Who are behind it ?

For now, It’s mostly me and some people I’m working with. We’re mainly freelance developer and artists.