You have several way to contribute to the MGSX initiative :

  • Donate to the team :
  • Found a particular subject
  • Make proposal

Support our work

MGSX is using an open decision and an open funding model based on donation. The principle is quite simple : You can suggest and/or support a particular subjet you want MGSX to work on or you can support the whole work by donate either by a one shot donation or monthly donation, it’s up to you :

How to take part in decision process

Since MGSX is based on volunteering, we have our own roadmap mostly based on what we want to work on or what we think it’s prioritary. You can take part of decision in several ways :

  • You can raise priority on a bug fix or a feature either by

    • Fund this particular subject.
    • Vote for this subject (it’s free).
  • You can propose new subject like tutorial, new feature

You can follow MGSX progress here

Where your money goes

MGSX is a freelance team, we share our time between paied project and voluntary work. Donation allow us to work more for the community. Support on a particular subjet are shared equaly to people working on this subject based on time spent. General fund goes to all members.

Ask for new subject

You can propose a new subject you wish MGSX team work on. It could be :