Dungeon Mastermind is a tower defence games in which the player embody the game master like old time RPG. His goal is to defeat heroes in the maze of his creation. Monster, treasure, traps are his assets and he will have to construct his dungeons well throw differents levels.

Let's take a tour of the early alpha release.

Quest Mode

Quest mode is the main game mode in which player can play individual worlds.

Each world have a specific theme, a specific game set and a specific game play element.

First world will be full available freely, the others could be purchased individually but the first level will be always available freely to taste it.

World Map

The world map is like ingame dungeon, when entering the dungeon you can play first level. When a level is complete, one or more new levels become available.

Almost all level allow you to earn reward that can be a new monster, a new trap, treasures or item evolutions.

Each level has it's own map design and then its own challenges.

Inside the game

The game itself is a dungeon map. Several heroes waves have to be defeated to complete the level.

First wave of heroes is easier, heroes are beginners. But waves become more and more challenging.

Hero team is always made of 4 heroes : A Knight, A Dwarf, An Elf and A Wizard. Each of them have special skills : The knight is powerfull, the Dwarf is strong, the elf has a bit of magic skills and the wizard has full magic skills.

Magic skill can be used to heal heroes or hurt monsters depending of hero health.

The player have to build a good dungeon to not allow heroes to escape, have to place treasure to gain mana and place monster and traps to protect treausures.

Player can optimize battle by choosing the hero target, monster will try to hit target first.